ProCo Rat White Face Reissue Distortion Pedal LM308 Chip


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Built with the iconic '80s-era white logo chassis, classic three-knob layout of distortion, filter, and volume all with the addition of the highly coveted LM308 chip which put this pedal on the map, the ProCo RAT Whiteface Reissue is a limited run and highly sort after, it is a gain-laden blast from the past that also incorporates true bypass so it doesn’t suck the tone off your board. Capable of traversing the spectrum from a warm gritty blues tone to the signature treble-centric piercing wail RATs staked their name on, this compact box pumps out throaty, versatile tone. From the tones of "Eruption" to an SRV wail and beyond, the Whiteface is up for the challenge.

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