Jackson Ampworks El Guapo Head (Custom Order 6-8 Weeks)


  • Jackson Ampworks El Guapo Head (Custom Order 6-8 Weeks)
  • Jackson Ampworks El Guapo Head (Custom Order 6-8 Weeks)
  • Jackson Ampworks El Guapo Head (Custom Order 6-8 Weeks)
  • Jackson Ampworks El Guapo Head (Custom Order 6-8 Weeks)

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The El Guapo is a Two Channel 100W Plexi/High Gain Monster! Designed on the foundation of our favorite model of Vintage Plexi, the El Guapo features thick and articulate cleans that drip with harmonic richness, and reaches into the future with high-gain modern guitar tones that allow the player to cover a plethora of musical styles with ease!

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Channel 1 has some of the richest and punchiest clean tones you’ve ever heard and is a dead ringer for the tones that you hear coming from Hendrix and guys like Doyle Bramhall II who famously have used Super Bass amps over the years. With the 100W power section (switchable down to 50W) Channel 1 has an unbelievable level of clean headroom and will shake the walls of your house before it ever starts breaking up!

About half way up on the Gain control for Channel 1 starts to break up and becomes one of the richest and most responsive blues amps ever created! From there on up on the Gain control you’ll move out of blues tones and on into Hendrix inspired rock tones! Of course all of these tones are immediately available at your fingertips if you run the Gain control all the way up and use the volume control on the guitar to adjust the level of overdrive.


The second channel picks up gain-wise where Channel 1 leaves off and is voiced brighter like the Super Lead circuit. Think of these two channels as an alternate personality of the same person. While the first channel is voiced dark and rich, the second channel is voiced brighter with a controlled low-end and expanded top end range. Add to that a ton of available gain and tonal shaping options and the second channel has enough gain to cover everything from early Van Halen to the hardest rock imaginable! 




Inputs – Their is two inputs that feed the preamp of the amplifier. The top input should be used when maximum gain is desired or when using a guitar with low output. The bottom input has approximately a -6dB reduction in gain.

Gain.1 – Gain.1 adjusts the volume of Channel 1, the Super Bass channel. For the true vintage Marshall experience, I recommend that you turn the Master.1 control all the way up and use Gain.1 to adjust the volume of your clean channel. Doing so will bypass the Master.1 control and allow the Super Bass preamp to perform as it would on a vintage amp.

Gain.2 – Gain.2 adjusts the volume of Channel 2, the High Gain Super Lead Channel.

Treble / Middle / Bass

Master.1 – Master.1 is used to control the overall volume of Channel 1

Master.2 – Master.2 is used to control the overall volume of Channel 2



Channel 1 Bright Switch – We have included a 3-position bright switch for each channel. 

Channel 2 Bright Switch – the Channel 2 Bright Switch performs the exact same function as the Channel 1 Bright Switch albeit with Channel 2.

Ch.1/Ch.2 – This is a manual channel switch control in case you have forgotten your footswitch.

NRM/BST –The Boost feature is one of the most effective controls for taking the second channel from vintage to modern! When this footswitch-able feature is activated, additional preamp gain is added to the signal along with a subsequent boost in volume. This features is incredibly useful as a solo boost or as a higher gain preset. Like the Ch.1/Ch.2 switch, when a footswitch is plugged into the Boost jack on the back panel of the amplifier it takes priority over the front panel switch and the front panel switch will cease to work. 

LO/HI – The Low Gain/High Gain switch is used to add massive amounts of gain to Channel 2 and also adds increased low-end and fullness and takes Channel 2 out of Vintage mode and into the Modern mode. 

Response Switch – Possibly the most powerful and dramatic switch on the entire amplifier, the Response Switch alters the power amplifier stage and is almost like an era switch for classic Marshalls. In the JTM mode, the amp will take on the dynamics and response of a 1965 JTM45 with a fast and clean attack with added headroom and articulation. In the JMP mode, the amp breaks up a little more and mirrors the dynamic response of a 1968 100W Plexi with a looser response while staying very crisp with a lively attack. Finally the JXN mode is our own design, and when in this setting, the amp takes on a looser and more open dynamic response that is very similar to our Class A British Clean series of amps. Experiment with this switch and the Presence control to create your own ideal clean and overdriven tones. 


Parallel Speaker Jacks – Parallel speaker jacks allow the player to use more than one speaker cabinet at a time. Because these jacks are wired in parallel, there is no difference in tone between them and either one or both can be used without effect.

Impedance Selector Switching 8 or 16 ohm cabinet.

Channel Switch/Boost Footswitch – Channel Switching as well as the NRM/BST mode remotely. 

FX Loop – An incorporated a buffered series FX loop between the preamp (post Master) and power-amp.

50W/100W Switch 


Video Clip - https://youtu.be/Yjf8xEh2eQs

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