BENSON Monarch Reverb 1x12 Combo


  • BENSON Monarch Reverb 1x12 Combo
  • BENSON Monarch Reverb 1x12 Combo
  • BENSON Monarch Reverb 1x12 Combo

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The Monarch amp in convenient combo form with Tall Bird-style reverb.

The Monarch Reverb features a unique British-American switch, simple yet highly versatile controls, and perfect range of power to be used both cleanly and pushed on the stage and studio without wearing out its welcome, and incorporates tube driven spring reverb in a completely transparent no-compromises fashion into the classic Monarch circuitry.

  • Enjoy a Tweed Deluxe but find it could be lacking in punch and versatility
  • Enjoy a Top Boost AC15 or 30 but find the upper frequencies a little quacky and grating
  • Enjoy a Supro Thunderbolt but want more clarity and better harmonics
  • Think some boutique amps they have tried are too bright and/or lacking a certain something…what is it called…tone that satisfies.


  • 2 x JJ 6V6 power tubes, 2 x JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes, customizable rectifier
  • 13-18 watts (depending on rectifier)
  • Speaker outputs: 1 x 8 ohm, 1 x 16 ohm 


  • 60cm W 45cm H 26cm D 18 kgs


  • Point to point construction on terminal strips - no circuit, eyelet or turret board
  • Mercury Magnet transformers
  • Carbon Comp resistors
  • Jupiter capacitors
  • DC filments for low noise
  • Dovetailed pine speaker cabinet


  • 5AR4 16 watts with a little sag…a good compromise 


  • Celestion G12H Well-balanced…a great choice for most Monarchs

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