Bogner Shiva

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Amp is in fantastic condition both cosmetically and mechanically. This is one of the earlier Shiva amps with the hand wired transformers.

 This Amplifier was previously owned by Michael Dolche one of Australia’s best guitarists who has performed on The Voice , and toured with the likes of Delta Goodrem just to name a few. An incredible amp with such a wide range of Cleans & classic Marshall Overdrive sounds through to heavier gain sounds that Bogner is renowned for that won’t disappoint.

- 2 Channels + Boost on top of the lead channel

-8 & 16 ohm Speaker outputs

- Effects Loop

- Independant reverb controls for clean and lead channel 

- Driven by 2 x EL34 power tubes & 12AX7 in the Preamp.

- Just been services and had a full tube replacement.

- Includes Flight case


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