Benson Amps Gnostic Bass Amp Head (Custom Order)


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The all-tube Gnostic bass head is not for everybody.  It is specifically designed for the uncompromising bassist who can hear and feel the difference between tube and solid state setups, and has decided they want an instrument that inspires them by responding to their playing dynamics, all the while adding the perfect amount of coloration that allows them to sit in the mix like a stone cold professional. 


  • 120 watts (4xJJ EL34s, 3 JJ 12AX7s)
  • Controls are: Volume, Bass, Mids, Treble, Bright Switch and Deep Switch
  • 2x8ohm speaker outputs, 2x4ohm speaker outputs
  • Black tolex with metal corners

Dimensions are 19"W 9.5"T 11.5" deep

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